Alive Telecom produces low to high power VHF and UHF slot or panel antennas in horizontal or elliptical polarization with multiple coverage options at various elevation gains.

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Alive Telecom offers a Full Range of Broadcast Antennas.

BC Series Coaxial Slot Antennas VHF or UHF

  • Low to High Power Options (DIN 7/16 to 6-1/8” EIA Inputs)
  • Available as End or Center Feed
  • Pressurized Models Available
  • Elliptical Polarization ideal for Mobile DTV Broadcasting

BP Series Panel Antennas UHF

  • Custom Array Designs for Unique Null Fill and Beam-tilt
  • Available as Kit or Complete System Ready to Tower Mount
  • Horizontal, Elliptical (35%) or Vertical Polarization Choices

BB Series Pylon Omni Antennas UHF

  • 8, 10 or 16 dBd Versions
  • 7/8” or 1-5/8” EIA Input, 3-1/8”EIA available for 16 dBd Style
  • Pressurized System

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