Company History

Alive Telecom was founded in April of 2001, by Dan Barton, who had a vision of a company that could address the ever-changing telecommunications market.

Previously employed by a leader in the industry, Dan wanted to use his knowledge and experience as a lead Engineer with a multitude of ideas, to benefit the growing industry. Dan saw that there was a need for a business that could overcome obstacles, and provide assistance in all aspects of telecommunications.

In the beginning, Alive Telecom concentrated on field services and consulting. From there it quickly began to emerge as a respected broadcast antenna manufacturer. Since 2002, Alive Telecom provided U.S.A. made, broadcast equipment and antennas within the United States, as well as internationally. In 2005, Alive Telecom began to broaden their focus on other markets including, Public Safety and In-Building Solutions.

Alive Telecom provides all facets of design, implementation, and maintenance of communication systems.