WVUE-DT CH 29 Top Mount E-POL Broadcast Antenna


WVUE required a new elliptically polarized TV antenna for the New Orleans market. Alive Telecom designed and manufactured the 51-foot-long 6000-pound antenna.  The directional pattern was first developed utilizing High Frequency Solid Simulation Software. Then a full scale single layer model was made to finalize flap director placement and size along with setting the internal coupling split between Horizontal and Vertical to achieve the proper E-POL signal. At the same time the coupling and phase distribution was calculated to design the proper array producing 26.4(14.22dBd) Elevation gain with 0.75 degree electrical down-tilt, while maintaining an acceptable axial-ratio. Once the manufacturing process proceeded and tuning started we completed the antenna with a 1.05 VSWR across the 560-566 MHz operating band.

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