Boone County, Missouri, Radio Group Public Safety Antenna

| Jun 2014

The Challenge:

The local VHF Public Safety System was experiencing Intermod and Isolation Issues with an existing installation, so Boone County, MO Radio Group, and their consultant, called upon Alive Telecom to explore the option of a single antenna structure with dual input and good port to port isolation. The tower had minimal available tower loading.

Our Solution:

Alive Telecom designed a specific antenna, model ATC-GD1V2O-2D.  This 20’ long antenna produced 3dBd Gain per port in an Omni-Directional, Vertically Polarized signal.  The antenna was designed and tuned to deliver -27dB port to port isolation and -14dB Return Loss across the operating frequency band (136-170 MHz). Passive Intermod 3rd Order with 2 x 20 Watt carriers -150 dBc.

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